Monday, August 7, 2017

This Day in 1989: December 16, 1989, Chinese Citizen Hijacks Airliner to Japan

On December 16, 1989, Chinese citizen Zhang Zhenhai (张振海), along with his wife and a ten-year-old son, boarded a commercial airliner in Shanghai to New York City. Shortly after the takeoff, he declared that he was in possession of explosives and ordered the plane to be rerouted to South Korea. After South Korea airport refused its landing, the airliner finally landed at the Fukouka Airport in Japan. Zhang Zhenhai claimed that he was a participant of the 1989 student movement and demanded political asylum.

There was no verifiable evidence that he was ever related to the protest. However, he was previously accused of corruption by a local prosecutor office in China, which did not bring the case to court.

Zhang Zhenhai was later extracted to China as a criminal and sentenced to 8 years.

Days of 1989

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