Sunday, May 15, 2011

Standoff at Tiananmen: Errata and Addenda

After the publication of Standoff at Tiananmen, several mistakes have been discovered, some by alert readers. These are, and will continue to be, documented here for reference. Thanks for helping to make the book better.

  1. Page vi: Second paragraph, "formal classmates" should be "former classmates".
  2. Page 1: In the first sentence, the day of June 5, 1989 should be Monday instead of Sunday. The word "weekend" in the third sentence should also be removed.
  3. Pages 16 and 17: "Qingcheng" should be "Qincheng" (秦城)
  4. Page 58: "Not only did it carry a preface written by Li Shuxian, it also featured an old article by Hu Ping, the winner of the 1980 election campaign, on freedom of speech." Both the preface and the article on freedom of speech were actually written by Wang Dan himself.
  5. Page 65: It should be noted that the declaration "The Chinese people have stood up from now on!" was not literally made on top of the Tiananmen. Mao actually only declared the founding of the new government there. However, that declaration was a commonly (mis)used expression in China.
  6. Page 132: In the last but one paragraph, "at a little restaurant near Peking University" should be "at a little restaurant near People University".
  7. Page 228: In the last but one paragraph, "Feng Congde rushed to Peking University..." Feng Congde later recalled that he did not go to Peking University immediately, but rather went to the Square by himself and participated in the press conference there.
  8. Page 272: According to Fang Lizhi's recent recollection, their second son did not enter the US embassy with them.

  1. Page 277: It appears that the US at least was aware, "from the beginning to the end," of Feng Congde and Chai Ling's escape process, as Ambassador James Lilly disclosed to Fang Lizhi privately.

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