Friday, May 13, 2011

Taiwan Media Clarifies Funding Amount on Wang Dan

A month ago, the Central News Agency in Taiwan reported that Wang Dan had once received donations in the amount of $400,000 from the island government. At the time, Wang Dan issued a strong rebuttal and denounced that the report's "essential content is absolutely not factual."

Yesterday, the same agency issued a new report and revised the donation amount. It said that, during the previously reported trial, "Wang Dan only stated to have accepted $200,000, not $400,000, donations from the government of Republic of China. The previous report was in error." The new report also explained that the $200,000 was transfered to Wang Dan through a series of private hands separately in November of 1993 and then April and June of 1995.

In his Facebook page, Wang Dan revealed that the news agency contacted him before the new report and "showed sincere attitude." Although unhappy for not receiving an apology, he nonetheless stated that "I can accept this since there is now a clarification." He did not dispute the new figure of $200,000.

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