Friday, May 8, 2009

This Day in 1989: May 8, Two Schools Continue to Strike

May 8, 1989, was the first Monday after the publicly, but not so officially, announced end of class strike. Class resumed in every college in Beijing except for Peking University and Beijing Normal University. At Peking University, students continued to vote in affirmation of a continued class strike. On this day, its Preparatory Committee published a list of  conditions that have to be met before classes could be resumed there. The conditions were similar to those in the earlier Seven-Point Petitions.

Meanwhile, the Dialogue Delegation was cruising smoothly in their organizational efforts. They divided into three issue groups and launched a studying efforts on subject matters in anticipation of a comprehensive dialogue with government officials. Its co-leaders Xiang Xiaoji and Shen Tong visited State Council office again to follow up on their own dialogue request. They did not get an official response but were received cordially and given hope for a positive outcome.

Days of 1989

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