Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chai Ling Makes Rare Public Apperance

After the release of documentary The Gate of Heavenly Peace in 1995, which caused a controversy on Chai Ling's character and motive in the 1989 movement, Chai Ling had rarely been seen or heard in public. She faded out from the exiled activist community, and as some of her former comrades said, "left the movement."

So, it is somewhat surprising to see her making a public appearance at a pro-democracy rally hosted by Yang Jianli at Boston. In the picture above, she is in a green shirt with Fang Zheng, who is in a wheelchair. In a brief speech, she said she has to come out to honor Fang Zheng. She urged the audience not to forget the tragedy.

As reported earlier, Chai Ling is also suing the producers of the documentary.

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