Friday, April 24, 2009

This Day in 1989: April 24, At Peking University, the Preparatory Committee Experiences its First Setback

Monday, April 24, 1989, was the first day of the city-wide class strike for almost all colleges in Beijing. While not going to classes, students kept themselves busy in organizing their own solidarity unions.

In that afternoon, the Preparatory Committee at Peking University called for a formal student assembly at an athletic field on campus. Thousands of students attended to dissolve the official student union and vote for their own. The enthusiasm did not last long, however. It soon became clear that there was open rift among the personnel in the leadership committee. They fought for microphone and accused each other as moles. The meeting deteriorated and most student audience walked out in disgust.

At Beijing Normal University, things went a lot smoother. the charismatic Wuer Kaixi was chosen as the president of its own solidarity student union.

Days of 1989

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