Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chai Ling Forgives Tiananmen Murderers

On the 23rd anniversary of Tiananmen massacre, former student leader Chai Ling wrote on Huffington Post that she has now forgiven the murderers of that tragedy.

The article is written in a heavily religious tone, quoting the Bible liberally. It reflects her new mindset since being baptized two years ago. After citing her new understanding of human vulnerability and citing Jesus as an example, she wrote:

Because of Jesus, I forgive them. I forgive Deng Xiaoping and Li Peng. I forgive the soldiers who stormed Tiananmen Square in 1989. I forgive the current leadership of China, who continue to suppress freedom and enforce the brutal One Child Policy. 
I pray that a culture of grace will arise in China, giving all people dignity and humanity. I pray that the China's current leaders will follow Jesus and act with mercy and compassion. I pray that those who have suffered under oppression will not seek vengeance -- like King David's soldiers did when they killed Absalom -- but have the courage to forgive. Forgiveness does not justify wrong, but rather yields the power of judgment to God. 
I understand such forgiveness is countercultural. Yet it is only a small reflection of the forgiveness that Jesus gave, and I was filled with peace when I followed him in forgiving. When forgiveness arises, a lasting peace can finally reign.

Some of Chai Ling's fellow former student leaders, including Wang Dan, Wuer Kaixi, and her ex-husband Feng Congde reacted quickly to express their disagreement.

P.S. no words if Chai Ling has also forgiven the producers of documentary Gate of Heavenly Peace, to whom she had waged a legal battle of attrition but lost.

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What Chai Ling said is insignificant , only relevant to herself.