Friday, April 23, 2010

Chai Ling Baptized

The Underground reported today that former student leader Chai Ling has embraced Christian faith and was baptized over the Easter holiday.

In a lengthy testimony, which is available here, Chai Ling recalled her first encounter with the Bible while still an undergraduate student in Peking University. She also briefly told the story of the movement without going into much details. Curiously, she described her survival as "for some miraculous reason, I survived," without even a hint of the efforts Zhou Dou and Hou Dejian had made to negotiate a peaceful withdraw, or the dramatic voice vote by the student collective led by her former husband Feng Congde. It appears that she only needs to credit her new found Lord now.

Almost a year ago, after being absent from public scene for about a decade, Chai Ling made a high-profile "return to the movement," pledging large donations and active participation. She hasn't been heard much since, other than an ongoing lawsuit against the producers of documentary Gate of Heavenly Peace. In her testimony, she described how Chinese government agents had harassed her family in China for her limited involvement. It was also during that time that she suffered a panic attack and then eventually found God, according to her testimony.

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