Monday, July 2, 2012

Chai Ling Sued for Religious Bias

Chai Ling, whose recent media exposure centered around her newly acquired religious belief, is now being sued by one her former employees for religious discrimination. Boston Globe reports that:
The employee, Jing Zhang, is a Chinese activist who once spent five years in a Chinese prison for promoting freedom and democracy, according to the suit. In the United States, Zhang had already established her own nonprofit, Women’s Rights in China, in Flushing, N.Y., when she joined forces with Chai to develop programs to prevent forced abortions in China. Then, she alleges, Chai fired her for being insufficiently religious and for declining to engage in “weekly corporate worship.”
The case may hinge upon the nature of Chai Ling's non-profit organization "All Girls Allowed," as whether it could be categorized as a religious one which are exempt from such discrimination. The report also points out, however, that Zhang Jing is actually an employee of Jenzban, a business founded by Chai Ling and her husband.

Zhang Jing is a Cathoric herself and refused "to practice her faith in the same manner as her boss, who is an evangelical Christian."

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