Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Day in 1989: 33 Writers Sign Open Letter Supporting Fang Lizhi

On February 13, 1989, 33 prominent writers in Beijing co-signed an open letter to the National People's Congress and the Communist Party Central Committee, supporting Fang Lizhi's call for an amnesty of political prisoners.

The signatories are: (A few of them later claimed that their signatures were forged or obtained under false pretense.)

  • Bei Dao 北岛
  • Shao Yanxiang 邵燕翔
  • Niu Han 牛汉
  • Lao Mu 老木
  • Wu Zuguang 吴祖光
  • Li Tuo 李陀
  • Bing Xin 冰心
  • Zhang Jie 张洁
  • Zong Sui 宗璞
  • Wu Zuxiang 吴组缃
  • Tang Yijie 汤一介
  • Le Daiyun 乐黛云
  • Huang Ziping 黄子平
  • Zhang Dainian 张岱年
  • Chen Pingyuan 陈平原
  • Yan Wenjing 严文井
  • Liu Dong 刘东
  • Feng Yidai 冯亦代
  • Xiao Qian 萧乾
  • Su Xiaokang 苏晓康
  • Jin Guangtao 金观涛
  • Li Zehou 李泽厚
  • Pang Pu 庞朴
  • Zhu Wei 朱伟
  • Wang Yan 王焱
  • Bao Zunxin 包遵信
  • Tian Zhuangzhuang 田壮壮
  • Liu Qingfeng 刘青峰
  • Mang Ke 芒克
  • Gao Hao 高皋
  • Su Shaozhi 苏绍智
  • Wang Ruoshui 王若水
  • Chen Jun 陈军

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