Monday, November 25, 2013

Wuer Kaixi Fails to Turn Himself In, Again

Former Tiananmen student leader Wuer Kaixi made yet another attempt to return to his home country yesterday, but failed once again.

Legally still one of the "most wanted" due to his leadership role in the 1989 student movement, Wuer Kaixi has been living in exile since escape China 24 years ago. While other student leaders in the same situation have had their family members come abroad to visit them, Wuer Kaixi's parents are never permitted to leave China. So he hasn't seen his family for almost a quarter century.

In the last few years, Wuer Kaixi has made several attempts to re-enter China to turn himself in as a "wanted criminal" in the hope of finally achieving a family reunion. He has tried traveling from Macau, Japan, as well as several Chinese embassies in foreign countries. His request was denied each time.

For the latest attempt, he traveled to Hong Kong, a special region now fully under China's jurisdiction, from Taiwan. Upon landing, he announced his identity and his intention to be extradited to mainland China. He wore a T-shirt with big characters stating "I Wang to Go Home".

The Kong Kong custom officials detained him briefly but eventually put him on a flight back to Taiwan instead.

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