Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wuer Kaixi Plans to Turn Himself In

On the eve of the twentieth anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre, former student leader Wuer Kaixi is in the process of turning himself in to the Chinese government.

Wuer Kaixi is currently at Macau. He has been living in Taiwan for most of the last twenty years and holds a passport from the Republic of China government there. Therefore he is entitled to enter Macau without a visa. He plans to go to the liaison office of the mainland government there and turn himself in.

In an email to his friends before his departure, Wuer Kaixi emphasized that his action is in no way of admission of guilt, but a protest that he has been in exile for the last twenty years without any chance to see his parents and relatives. His parents have been forbidden to travel abroad. Wuer Kaixi hopes that his action will enable him to return to China, or at least "a resumption of a dialog of a sort" between him and the Chinese government.

Wuer Kaixi was no. 2 in the 21 "Most Wanted" list after the massacre. He escaped shortly and has been in exile since.

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