Sunday, October 24, 2010

Liu Xiaobo's Wife Invites Friends to Nobel Ceremony

In an open letter published on the Internet, Liu Xiaobo's wife Liu Xia expressed her gratitude to many friends who had supported Liu Xiaobo. She said she has been in virtual house arrest since 10/8 and has difficulty in communicating with the outside world.

The Nobel Committee has invited her to attend the ceremony on his husband's behalf. But Liu Xia thought there was little to no chance for her to be able to make the trip. However, she believed that Liu Xiaobo would have wished his friends to attend this historical moment, so she made a list of 143 people she would like to invite. Almost all people in the list are currently in China.

Among the list, many were significant participants of the 1989 student movement, including Yu Haocheng (于浩成), Bao Tong (鲍彤), Li Datong (李大同), Liu Suli (刘苏里), Qi Zhiyong (齐志勇), Zhou Duo (周舵), Gao Yu (高瑜), Dai Qing (戴晴), Zheng Xuguang (郑旭光), Wang Debang (王德邦), Chen Ziming (陈子明), Jiang Qisheng (江棋生), Ma Shaofang (马少方), Liang Xiaoyan (梁晓燕), and Pu Zhiqiang (浦志强).

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