Thursday, February 12, 2009

Liu Xiaobo in Legal Limbo

Professor Liu Xiaobo, the leader of the "Charter of 08" movement, was never formally arrested but had "only" been detained since early December. In early January, his wife Liu Xia was allowed a brief visit with him at a "neutral location". Other than that encounter, she has no idea where her husband is or under what condition he was living in.

At the time, the police informed Liu Xia that Liu Xiaobo has been put into "living under supervision" (监视居住), the equivalent of a house arrest. But Liu Xiaobo has not been allowed to live at home with his wife, which is usually the case for house arrest situations.

Liu Xia finally decided to seek legal help. Yesterday, a lawyer with her authorization visited the Beijing Public Security Bureau to demand information on Liu Xiaobo's whereabouts, accused crimes, and terms of his current status. They are awaiting for a response.

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