Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Arbor Day" at Tiananmen Square

As the symbolic center of the nation, Tiananmen Square is a vast area largely made up in concrete: floor, buildings and monuments. During the annual National Day cerebration, however, huge amount of potted flowers are transported into the Square and arranged in elaborate festive decorations. They last merely a week or so.

In more recent years, areas of grass lawns were planted on each side of the Square to show more greenness. Yet the lawns tend to get in the way of the floral decoration and have to be moved and replaced every year.

Until now.

A landscaping renovation is now in progress to make the lawns permanent with bush gardens of evergreens. The height of the trees will be kept under 1 meter tall. Officials explain that future National Day decorations will be done with smaller scales and not interfere with the new gardens.

The renovation will be completed within a month, in time for the May 1 International Labor Day.

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