Monday, November 15, 2010

Former Student Leader Incommunicado Upon Returning to China

Zheng Cunzhu (郑存柱), a student leader during the 1989 movement, boarded a flight from Los Angles to Guangzhou, China, two days ago. He has not been heard since.

According to people who knew him, Zheng Cunzhu was a leader of the 1989 student movement while he was at Hefei, the capital of Anhui province. He later became a successful entrepreneur and arrived at United States on his own. He has been very actively involved in several pro-democracy organizations in the Los Angeles area.

His passport was going to expire and he knew that there is no chance for him to get a renewal from the Chinese embassy. Facing the possibility of becoming an exile without a country, he decided to return to China on the last day when his passport was still valid. He also wishes to call attention to the case of another dissident who was arrested on this day two years ago. At the time, Zheng Cunzhu had made a promise that he would want to accompany his friend in jail.

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