Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another "Last Lesson" on Tiananmen

Two years ago, near the 19th anniversary of Tiananmen massacre, Xiao Han (萧瀚), then an associate professor at the University of Political Science and Law, delivered an unexpected lecture to his departing class, commemorating that historical event. He then resigned from the school. The lecture was hailed as the "last lesson."

That history has repeated itself this year. Internet in China is currently abuzz on another occurrence of the "last lesson," this time from a teacher named Niu Yongbin (牛永斌) from the Jinan University in Canton. According to some of the posts, he interrupted a regular class in the evening of June 3rd, the 21st anniversary of the massacre and started to tell the story of what he called as "the biggest tragedy of the Republic." He went on for three hours without any break and showed videos of the event.

It seems that Niu Yongbin was a student at People's University in 1989 and participated in the movement himself.

Niu Yongbin also resigned from his school shortly after the lecture and left the campus. His whereabouts is unknown. Indeed, it was an effort of some of his students to locate him that initiated the current buzz on the Internet.

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