Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yang Jianli To Walk For Tiananmen

Back in 1989, Yang Jianli (杨建利) was a student in the United States. As the student movement developed in Beijing, he decided to make a trip back there for support and also deliver donations collected in the States. In Beijing, he witnessed the massacre. Back in US, he abandoned his academic career and became an activist, or dissident in exile.

In 2002, he decided to go back to China once more, using someone else's passport. He was caught and sentenced in jail for five years.

Now that he is once again back in the United States, he is launching a solo-walk to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre. Dubbed as "from May Fourth to June Fourth", he will start his walk on May 4 from Boston and schedule to arrive at Washington DC on June 4.

The New England Cable News has an interview with Yang Jianli here.

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