Sunday, March 30, 2008

Beijing Intellectuals Meet and Talk "Conflicts and Reconciliation"

A group of intellectuals in Sydney, Beijing and other places have formed a new private think-tank for "Chinese Reconciliation". Their stated mission is to help the growth of the weak democratic forces and the civil society and help the Chinese government on the road of correcting past mistakes, apologizing, reestablishing truth, clarifying responsibilities, compromising, and towards a constitutional democracy. All in the name of reconciliation.

The group had just held its first "Conflicts and Reconciliation" symposium in Beijing, attended by more than 20 intellectuals. Twice they got kicked out of their reserved meeting spaces due to suddenly discovered "booking errors" of the respective hosts. But nonetheless the meeting was carried out with no further harassments.

Prominent names from the 1989 movements, including Chen Ziming, Zhou Duo, and Liang Xiaoyan, attended the symposium.

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